A Note From Crystal

​Welcome - thank you for coming this way and taking the time to review the information on my website. I am happy to discuss potential research, clinical, or teaching opportunities at crystalevanoff@gmail.com. Honesty, integrity, and action are the three core values that lead my life and practice. My full curriculum vitae including clinical and teaching experiences, as well as my research experience, can be viewed on their specific pages. Please let me know if you have any questions!

Dr. Crystal Evanoff - Registered Psychologist


Crystal Evanoff (formerly Mundy) is a registered psychologist within Alberta (CAP #6208). She completed her B.Sc. in Honours Psychology, with Forensic specialization at the University of British Columbia Okanagan. She then completed her M.A. in Psychological Science and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at the same institution. Crystal joined Alberta Health Services early September 2022 via the Edmonton Early Psychosis Intervention Clinic. Her role involves a combination of policy development, clinical leadership, and direct clinical services to young adults experiencing their first episode of psychosis, on an amazing interdisciplinary team.

Crystal's research interests involve investigating human sexuality, stigma, well-being, life after legal involvement, and community reintegration. Crystal's clinical approach is integrated, with a strong foundation in cognitive-behavioural therapies and a humanistic lens. Collaboration with clients to highlight their strengths and challenge what is not serving them is a primary feature of her approach. Community psychology and understanding the role of larger social systems on individuals is also embedded throughout her practice. Crystal welcomes input and feedback into her services about how to make them more accessible or aware.